About Me

DSCN0502I am a Kindergarten Teacher at a Waldorf methods Charter School and I am currently finishing up my Lifeways Training (a Waldorf Early Childhood Education program). Last year I cleared my California Teaching Credential for public schools and my love for Waldorf education was reinforced when I did my student teaching in a mainstream public school. Having attended numerous Waldorf training weeklong workshops, as well as 1 semester of the Waldorf Grades and Foundation training, I decided that I needed to complete at least one Waldorf teacher training program, thus I joined Lifeways. I also love to write stories in my spare time, and I am slowly working on learning how to play the lyre. I love nature, and when I need to recharge I go on walks in our local canyons and City/State Parks. I am definitely a country girl at heart. I love teaching Kindergarten because the children are always happy to see me, as I am happy to see them every day. We are a classroom full of joy for living. I am the proud mom of two teenage children, and equally proud aunt of 5 nieces and nephews, and 3 great-nieces, plus several more on my husband’s side.


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