About Me

IMG_4056 I am a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. During my six years teaching Kindergarten at NUA Sparrow Waldorf Charter School I found a love for working with and helping parents. I have an extensive background in Early Childhood development and education, as well as in Family Studies. I hold a BA in Child Development from HSU, emphasis in ECE, with a minor in Family Studies. I hold a certificate from Lifeways North America, which is the Waldorf Early Childhood Education program. I also have my California Teaching Credential for public schools from SDSU and most of my Waldorf education certificate from WISC. I am trained in Positive Discipline and Reiki Level 1. I also love to write stories in my spare time and have authored three YA/Middle Grade novels and self-published two of them. More about them on my http://www.wildrosestories.com website. I love nature and have my Level 1 certification in Forest Kindergarten and have completed the Walkabout Tales one year program with Suzanne Downs’ Juniper Tree Puppets. When I need to recharge I go on walks in our local canyons and City & State Parks. I am definitely a small town, country girl at heart. I love working with parents because happy parents encourage happy and kind children which then helps our world to be a kinder place. I am the proud mom of two young adult people, and equally proud aunt of numerous nieces and nephews, and several great-nieces. My goal is to grow a business which offers opportunities for finding happiness and spreading kindness in the world, beginning with the home through storytelling and a simpler life. You can contact me at inharmonywesing@gmail.com, and find me on IG or FB under A Kinder Classroom, as well as Wild Rose Stories. Welcome to A Kinder Classroom.

Find a SP coach here- https://www.simplicityparenting.com/california/

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