What is Simplicity Parenting?


Offered in a variety of schedules, usually 7 gatherings (focusing on one chapter per gathering) or 4 gatherings (combing chapters and topics for a shorter number of meetings) Simplicity Parenting follows the chapter topics in the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

In both the book and the workshops, 4 pillars are covered:

  • simplify and slow down your home environment 
  • create predictable and connecting rhythms 
  • simplify your child’s weekly schedule 
  • find out the benefits to filtering out the adult world

These workshops are about slowing down and focusing on quality time with your children. Through a series of activities only offered in the gatherings, parents are shown how to be aware of the struggle (“soul fever”) a child might be going through which is causing any disobedience, which KJP contends is really a disorientation. With a simpler life, children will feel less stressed and the home will be more harmonious.

So, join the slow parenting movement by reading the book and signing up for a series of gatherings. Commiserate with parents on your parenting questions, and explore possible solutions.

Check out more about SP with author Kim John Payne at https://www.simplicityparenting.com/the-movement-an-overview/